Mount Huddersfield Fire Extinguisher Recharging

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Mount Huddersfield Fire Extinguisher Refill

  1. Have you used one of your Fire Extinguishers why pay the price of Buying New .
  2. Why not just Pay the Price to Recharge the one you already have !


Have you been told by your service provider
“It’s cheaper to replace your Fire Extinguishers than to Recharge / Carry out an Extended Service “?
This may not be the case!
Why not give us a call 01535 648406 to discuss your options before you purchase a potentially unnecessary New Extinguisher.
Let us talk you through your options. All Refills carried out to BS5306-9 2015


Fire Extinguisher Refill
WATER Fire Extinguishers
WATER Fire ExtinguishersPOWDER Fire Extinguishers
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